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Stillwater sewer plant must clean up violations Print E-mail
Putrid sewage sometimes bubbles up from manholes in Stillwater Lakes Civic Association.
Real estate broker Wilkins accused of hiding wealth in divorce Print E-mail

"Prominent Poconos real estate broker Thomas R. Wilkins is embroiled in a personal and legal quagmire over his real estate business, one he expects to settle soon."

"A divorce action filed by his estranged wife, Susan Wilkins, in 2008 spilled into Monroe County civil court Monday as Ms. Wilkins joined forces with Mr. Wilkins' daughter from a prior marriage, Yarrow Wilkins-Drozal, accusing Mr. Wilkins of mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duties and attempts to conceal assets of the businesses the three jointly own."

By David Falchek (Staff Writer)
Published: February 23, 2010
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Do you want security for another year? Print E-mail

According to Board Member Maria Santoro, liaison to the Security Committee, you don't have a choice despite the fact that we were all told at the March 29, 2008 special meeting it was only for one year. In addition, a memorandum dated May 30, 2008, clearly states,"As many of you are aware, the membership voted in 24/7 security for another year". On top of all this, the chairperson of the security committee, in an email to a concerned member stated:

"security is a one year contract. It will be voted on as it has been for the past two years."


During the first security vote their were over 600 members in good standing, recently we were told that number is down to 345. With economic hard times effecting everyone, why would the Association want to risk reducing the number of members in good standing even further, by assessing all members for another year of security?

Will you vote security in for another year?
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How to avoid being ripped off by your homeowners association Print E-mail
Here's how you can avoid being ripped off as a Homeowner Association resident:.
Get Involved! Print E-mail
Image Crime, and the fear of it, can endanger a community's sense of security.