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Request by HRG to sign the Stillwater Act 537 Special Study Documents

Jamie Keener of HRG, Inc. was present on behalf of the above referenced request. A lengthy discussion followed with the Board considering input from Mr. Keener and an emailed recommendation from Dave Kavitski of BCM Engineers, etc. and the possibility of holding an informal meeting with HRG, Mr. Kavitski, Chuck Leonard of PMEDC, Supervisors and representatives from Mount Pocono Borough to make sure everyone was on the same page with all of this information. Further discussion followed.
Mr. Frutchey moved to table signing the Stillwater Act 537 documents until sometime after next Thursday, but prior to the Board’s regular meeting on May 20, 2008, in order to hold an informal meeting with representatives from HRG, Dave Kavitski, Chuck Leonard, Board members and representatives from Mount Pocono Borough. Seconded by Mr. Hutchins. Discussion followed about the time line, impact on Stillwater citizens, sewer issues, and the number of Supervisors wanting to attend the meeting and the need to advertise the meeting if more than two Supervisors attend the meeting, etc. Mr. Frutchey added advertising the meeting to the motion. The motion passed 5-0.

The following article discribes the upgrade to Coolbaugh's Sewage treatment plant and a following set of emails describe how we are going to be pulled in.

Coolbaugh slated to get state funds for sewage upgrade
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