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Dear SLCA Property Owners,
Once again the SLCA Board of Directors are going out of their way to squander your money to keep you in the dark, they are not only suing me, but they are suing Noreen Gorka who as a condition of being on the Board (their terms) has not been part of this website. We started this website to educate and inform all property owners about what is happening in this community, and because we are frustrated by the lack of communication and fiscal responsibility of the Stillwater Lakes Civic Association's Board of Directors and NEPA/Wilkins management company. After investigating how the Board runs this Association we found many instances where the Board intentionally concealed, or tried to cover up, information every property owner has a right to know. We believe this is gross negligence of their fiduciary duty, willful misconduct and unfair to the property owners who pay for sewer service, road and common area maintenance.

The following examples are just some of the things we found that should raise a RED FLAG that something inappropriate is going on.

  1. Borrowing money by mortgaging common property to pay operating expenses without property owners knowledge or approval, which helps to conceal the financial dire straits we are in.
  2. Selling the associations first right of refusal without property owners knowledge or approval.
  3. Preventing property owners from examining the Association records and books.
  4. Squandering money on legal or professional fees, including unnecessary and or unlawfully spending money on litigation without providing written notice to the property owners.
  5. Denying property owners their rights under the community documents.
  6. Running our Pool, Roads, Water company and Sewer System into the ground to where it will cost 5 - 10 million dollars to repair.
  7. Preventing good and honest Board members from doing their job.
  8. Trying to convert the Association into a COOP to give them even more power to control communications and your money.

Now, because we are trying to inform and educate the property owners, the Board is suing us to shut down this website. Squandering more of your money to keep you in the dark.

We suggest that you write open letters to the board, and management to document and shine a light on these problems.

You may also want to bring some of the events to the attention of the authorities, elected officials, Attorney General, media and your fellow property owners.

Pearless Insurance (I believe, as this was the insurance company named on our most recent resale certificate) will incur losses from defending the corupt board members. The property owners will incur thousands in losses. Their Directors & Officers Liability policy premium will skyrocket, and they will have to replace the maintenance dues and reserves that are being deflected to pay the associations legal costs.

Click on the following image to view the Court Documents.

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