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Dear SLCA Property Owners,
Once again the SLCA Board of Directors is squandering your money to keep you uninformed. We started video recording the meetings to protect all property owners and prevent the Stillwater Lakes Civic Association's Board of Directors and NEPA/Wilkins management company from doing what they do best, mismanage our money.

Recording the meetings provides a historical record that can be used at future meetings for verification of decisions, and serves as a reminder of past events and outcomes. Recordings can also provide important information to people who weren't able to attend. The fact that they are willing to sue property owners who exercise their right to video record meetings makes it look like the board has something to hide. What are they trying to hide?

In the past I gave the Board lessons on how to read and Interpret Bylaws, I'm reprinting them here for Young and Haros.


Ron Kluge stated: “ the board understands that the Bylaws specifically state for board approval only”

Webster Definition of Association: “an organization of persons having a common interest” We the people make up the Association. The Bylaws are divided into Articles.

  1. Article I: Describes the Name and Purpose of the Association, Membership who and what makes up the Association, and Definitions.
  2. Article II: Describes the Associations (our) rights with respect to Meetings, Quorum, and Voting.
  3. Article III: Describes the Board of Directors rights and requirements with respect to numbers, power, and meetings.
  4. Article IV, V, VI, VII continue describing the rights and requirements of other components that make up our Association. (Please read them)

Article II: Clearly states our (the Association) right to video record meetings. “ The president shall preside over all meetings of the Association, and the Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meeting and record in a minute book all resolutions adopted at the meeting, as well as a record of all other transactions. Video or audio recordings of meetings may be made with the knowledge of all present. The recordings, if made, shall be part of the official record and shall be maintained and safeguarded in an appropriate manner as are other official records.”

Article III: Clearly states the Board also has the right to video record the meeting. " The president shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Secretary shall keep a minute book of the Board of Director’ meetings, recording all resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors, and a record of all other transactions and proceedings occurring at the meeting. Meetings may be audio or video recorded and these recordings shall be maintained as a permanent record for a minimum of three years.

Ron Kluge is clearly mistaken with his statement “ the Bylaws specifically state for boards approval only ”. The difference between the Association's requirements and the Boards, is we (the association) need to provide a copy of the video for the record, and the Board is required to maintain that video for three years.

By fining the members who exercise their rights to videotape, they are in fact opening the community up to unnecessary litigation at (our) the associations expense.

Click on the following image to view the appeal status.

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