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Why is Young Back? Print E-mail
Alan Price Young resigns as SLCA council in 1995 and cautions the board about the consequence of failing to meet the requiremments of loyal and honest fiduciaries.

Young's resignation should have sparked concern to the property owners of Stillwater Lakes Civic Association (SLCA). What was the SLCA Board of Directors doing that would cause the Associations legal council to resign?

The fact is, some of the very same individuals who were on the board of directors in the mid nineteen nineties are the same individuals who hold the current President and Vice-President seats today.

Quoting a previous letter from counsel Alan Price Young,

"We wish to point out affirmatively that we have made many recommendations to the Association and issued legal opinions in support of those recommendations which either have not been acted upon or have been found unacceptable by the Association Board of Directors. As we have cautioned your Board, there may be substantial adverse consequences to individual directors and to the Association for any board member's failing to meet legal standards of due care and to comply with the requirements of loyalty and honesty as fiduciaries of the Association. These are very serious matters. "

The adverse consequences Alan Price Young was referring may have contributed to the current state of our community (Roads, Sewer, etc.).

The questions remain, why did he resign and why is he back? According to a recent article on the AHRC website, HOA's are like cash registers to these law firms, where the legal counsel is supposed to be the dutiful cashiers, yet actually are either the employees who embezzle funds over the years or are the criminals who boldly steal in broad daylight with all watching. "Where there is money, there are litigation lawyers. ...these lawyers work feverishly to control these homeowner association reserves, and to use as much of it as possible for their legal fees.

The following examples are just some of the litigation we found that should raise a RED FLAG:

This Board of Directors is squandering our money on the following frivilous lawsuits:
  • SLCA VS. Stillwater Lakes Citizens to shut down this website to stop us from informing you of the truth about what's happening.
  • SLCA VS Residents to stop members from video recording all meetings when the Bylaws are clear that members have that right.
  • SLCA VS PUC They tried to turn us into a CO-OP (More Legal Fees) rather than have the PUC come in and regulate how they manage and treat the Sewer Users.

As far as unnecessarily "updating" of CC&R's, right now they are spending more legal fees to change the Bylaws and take away more of our rights, like the right to Video Tape meetings. All this is being done without membership approval and everyone should be MAD.

Until comprehensive fundamental change is implemented and enforced by the state offering protection for the homeowners, this flawed, secretive, unregulated system, which comes from the protection of law firms like Young and Haros, claiming privilege for the boards they manipulate, will continue to prey on homeowners.

When law firms like Young and Haros, are being paid by homeowners to protect the actions of those boards engaging in misconduct and negligence to those very homeowners, it is time to take action and wake up.

Click on the following image to view Young's full letter.

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