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People who commit fraud or misappropriation of funds for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose usually create plausible cover stories by blending elements of truth with fiction. They rely heavily on two tools: deceptive statements and falsified documents. People committing a fraud will lie, bend the truth, withhold or hide information and documents, and otherwise act to confuse, delay or block a person's path to the truth. This is why questioning everything is called for.

Question Everything.

An old proverb says, “He that cannot ask cannot live”. If you want answers you have to ask questions. These are some questions you should ask yourself and try to answer.

Ask Yourself

  1. Why does the Board want this website shutdown?

  2. Why does the Board want to stop members from recording meetings?

  3. Why does the Board want to stop the PUC from protecting our rights?

Please attend every board meeting, to show your support for a new direction for our community. Our community/ investment has been going downhill for years, our Board sold the water company, sold the community's First Right Of Refusal, destroyed the sewer system, & tried to turn us into a CO-OP. The current Board fights to keep us in the dark. Why??? These are just a few examples of what they are doing. Get involved and take back your community and help keep your investment solid!

You have a say! You have the power! And there's more power in numbers!!!

Lets Do It!

Help spread the word and forward this To Your Neighbors!



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