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History of Stillwater Lakes Civic Association


1968 - 1971 Sun Dance Stillwater Corp. submits plot plans for the planned community of the lands known as Stillwater Lake Estates, Monroe County PA. (Bordered in red)


1974 - Sun Dance submits plot plans for a sub-division of the community creating a new and distinct set of lands known as Stillwater Lakes, Monroe County PA. It is believed that this was intended to be the first step toward the creation of a new development and corporation setup to maintain and operate a sellers club that property owners can join and enjoy it ’s facilities. (See Sun Dance deed referring to sellers club)
  1976 - Stillwater Lakes Civic Association files Articles of Incorporation for the following purpose “To foster, develop and promote the health, safety, convenience and general welfare of property owners at the development of lands known as " Stillwater Lakes", to provide for the creation, improvement and maintenance of roads, ways, and common recreational facilities at the said development, to provide information and a forum for discussion of programs and plans affecting the community, and to have unlimited power to engage in and to do any lawful act concerning any or all legal business for which corporations may be incorporated under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law"

1981 - Sun Dance Stillwater Corp. deeds the roads, lakes, and other common facilities except section C, east of 380 to SLCA and assigned them the right to enforce the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCR’s). Item 2 of the CCR’s state that property owners have the right to join the Association and pay for using the facilities and roads.

1996 - SLCA updates its Articles of Corporation for the first time since 1979 reflecting an address change, and re-executing the original document, confirming the purpose of the corporation as being limited to Stillwater Lakes.

1999 - SLCA adopts Bylaws stating the rules and regulations enacted by the association providing a framework for its operation and management. The Bylaws make it clear that the Community is Stillwater Lakes situated in Pocono Summit, Monroe County Pennsylvania.

Note: Planned communities are governed by an interrelated hierarchy of legal authority. In order of legal priority, the relevant sources of rights and duties for the Association are the Uniform Planned Communities Act (UPCA), the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements (the “Declaration”) the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, 15 Pa.C.S.A. § 5101, et seq., (the “NCL”), the Association’s Articles of Incorporation (the “Articles”), its Bylaws, and its Rules and Regulations.

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