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Black Bear on Nadine Print E-mail
A black bear was sighted Sunday afternoon, June 3, 2012, walking down the middle of Nadine blvd before wandering into the nearby woods.

According to Andrea Hess, volunteer for THE AMERICAN BEAR ASSOCIATION, you should:

  • Stay calm - DO NOT RUN (running may elicit a chase response by the bear).

  • Pick up children so they don't run or scream; restrain dog; avoid eye contact and talk in soothing voice.

  • If the bear stands up, he is NOT going to attack but is curious and wants a better sniff or view.

  • Back away slowly; if bear chomps jaw, lunges, or slaps ground or brush with paw, he feels threatened.

  • Slowly retreat from area or make wide detour around bear; don't crowd or block bear's escape route.

Note: Bear attacks on humans are extremely rare. A person is 180 times more likely to be killed by a bee and 160,000 times more likely to die in a car accident. Most injuries from black bears occur when people try to feed, pet, or crowd them. Bears will nip or cuff bad-mannered humans, as they will bad-mannered bears.  They are very strong and powerful animals; bears should always be treated with caution and respect